Email application passwords

An application password is a 16-digit passcode which is meant for additional security to a specific device or e-mail program. It’s not necessary to remember the passcode as it’s needed to be entered only once. Application passwords can only be used with accounts that have two-factor authentication turned on.
It’s also suggested to add an application password to every mobile device separately. So in the case of losing the device, it would not be necessary to change the password in all the devices.

Creating an application password

Application passwords can be added in webmail under Settings -> Security -> Application passwords. The application or device name can be specified in the description. Behind every application password the time and date can be seen when it was created and last used. The application password will take effect immediately.

Changing the application password

It’s not possible to change the application password. The old one must be deleted and a new one created, if the password is forgotten.


With an application password, it’s possible to use SMTP, IMAP and POP3 and only secure SSL/TLS connections are allowed.

Updated on 24. May 2024

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