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.FI domain registration


Who can register .FI domain?

All companies, organizations and individuals can register a .FI domain, regardless of their location.

Choosing a domain name

As domain name is your identity on the internet, choose your name carefully.

In most cases the chosen name is associated with:

  • yourself – blog, hobby or activity
  • your business – a company name, a specific product or a registered trademark
  • a project or activity

It’s important to come up with a clear and simple name that you will remember when you first see or hear it.


Before registering, make sure that the name you choose is free and make sure that the name you choose is free and does not infringe anyone’s protected name or registered trademark in Finland or the European Union.

Each domain holder is responsible for the legality of the registered domain.

What to consider while choosing a domain name

An fi-domain name may contain 2-63 characters and consist of:

  • letters a-z
  • numbers 0-9
  • hyphen-minus (-)

It is also allowed to use the letters å, ä and ö in the name and the characters of the Sámi language spoken in Finland. However, domain name may not begin or end with a hyphen-minus. The third and fourth characters may not both be hyphen-minuses.

For how long can a domain be registered?

A domain can be registered from 1 to 5 years. We recommend registering a domain for as long as possible, as there is no risk of it expiring after the first year.

Should I also register a domain with diacritical characters (containing Finnish native characters å, ä, and ö)

If the name of a company or organization, trademark or field of activity contains diacritics, it makes sense to register a domain name with or without diacritics.

Domain name with diacritics is more convenient and easy to use, for example, when verbally communicating the domain name by phone or radio, so that you do not have to repeat the domain name spelling.

It’s also worth noting that some words can take on a whole new meaning if you don’t use diacritical characters. For example, hämeensanomat.fi   means something completely different from hameensanomat.fi.

We recommend using the Latin alphabet version of the domain as the virtual server name and redirect the domain name with diacritical marks (using alias), and then both domains will show the same site.


Updated on 4. Oct 2023

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