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Special domain name renewal terms and Threshold period

Generally, domain names can be automatically renewed 60 days prior to the expiration date.

An exception are the domains, that are subject to Threshold period – in order to renew these domains, an application must be submitted prior (certain number of days) to when the Threshold period starts, so the application can be processed automatically.


Domains can be renewed during the Threshold period as well. In that case, a delay may be caused due to the application being processed manually.  For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the domain will be renewed on time, but we will do our best to ensure that the renewal process goes smoothly.

The following actions will be performed for the domains with Threshold period: 

  • the first renewal notification is sent 60 days + Threshold period prior to the expiration
  • automatic renewal application is issued 30 days prior to the expiration


The receipt of the payment is a necessary condition for the renewal application to be processed. Processing applications and reactivation of the expired domain may take a few days, if the order is placed 2-3 hours prior to the end of business days or on the weekends.
The price of the renewal may be different from the initial renewal price if the domain has already expired. Please contact our helpdesk for more info.

Domains with the Threshold period

Threshold period is a number of days before the expiration, when automatically domain renewal is not possible. Domain can only be renewed manually during the Threshold period. As delay may occur during manual renewal of the domain and therefore we cannot guarantee that the domain is renewed on time. 

ac – 5 days
at – 5 days
be – 5 days
by – 35 days
cc – 5 days
ch – 5 days
co.uk – 5 days
com.pl – 5 days
co – 35 days
cz – 35 days
de – 5 days
dk – 20 days
fm – 35 days
fr – 5 days
hr – 35 days
ie – 35 days
io – 35 days
is – 70 days
it – 5 days
li – 5 days
lu – 35 days
nl – 15 days
pl – 5 days
pt – 35 days
ro – 5 days
se – 10 days
sh – 5 days
si – 45 days
tv – 5 days
vg – 30 days
ws – 35 days


Updated on 24. May 2024

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