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Verification of top-level domains (.COM, .NET, .ORG etc.)

According to ICANN rules, the contact details associated with a domain require verification.

Domain email address verification

The contact email address of the domain needs to be verified after the registration. An email containing a unique link will be sent to the registrant’s e-mail address and the registrant can verify or validate his e-mail address. The domain will only become active once this process if verification has been completed. It is therefore essential to use a valid e-mail address when registering a domain.


Confirmation of change of details or change of ownership

Changing the name of the contact person, the name of the company/individual or the e-mail address in the registration data initiates a change of ownership, which needs to be confirmed by the new or current owner.


Domain renewal confirmation

The email address associated with the domain may need to be validated after the renewal. If address is not verified, then the domain will be deactivated (suspended). This email is not sent after each domain renewal.

Domain transfer confirmation

The transfer always requires a confirmation from the domain owner. If registrant information is changed during the transfer, then change of ownership will also take place, that also requires confirmation from the current and the new owner. If domain ownership change or transfer is not confirmed, then the procedure will not take place.


If domain registrant has previously registered top-level domain and verified the registration, then registering a new domain with same user information will not require any confirmation/verification. If domain is deactivated, then information change as well as nameserver change will not take place.

Confirmation of the e-mail address associated with the domain must be done within 15 days. The link to confirm the domain transfer and change of ownership will be active for 5 days and if the confirmation is not done within this period, the transfer and change of ownership will not take place.

If the domain has already been deactivated, i.e. the associated email and homepage are no longer functional, then the following information is displayed when you go to the website:

If you have not received the link you need to confirm, please contact our customer support at tuki[at]zone.fi.

Updated on 4. Oct 2023

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