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ZoneCloud FAQ

What is ZoneCloud Workspace?

ZoneCloud Workspace enables you to store and share files.

It lets you:

  • Keep a copy of your files on Zone servers;
  • Share files with your colleagues, we have created a special group which includes your colleagues who share the same domain;
  • Share files with your partners, this can be achieved by sharing files via a URL, this URL can be password protected and can be made to auto-expire;
  • Synchronise your files between devices like computers, tablets and smartphones, we provide you with a ZoneCloud client which is available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android;
  • See what is going on with your data right on the ZoneCloud webpage.

ZoneCloud Workspace also lets you access your e-mail via a web-based interface.

NB! We have enabled the option to store your contacts and calendar in ZoneCloud and synchronise these via the standad CardDAV and CalDAV protocols. These functionalities are in the beta stage right now.

How can one start using ZoneCloud?

We have enabled ZoneCloud for each e-mail address which is created by Zone.ee or Planet.ee customers. You can log into ZoneCloud with your e-mail username and password. This activates the ZoneCloud account.

How to see ZoneCloud users?

ZoneCloud users can be seen through Server administration by the person who manages web hosting. Active users can be seen in My Zone under the ZoneCloud section. Active ZoneCloud user is the email account owner, who has at least once entered ZoneCloud.

How can I change the ZoneCloud user password?

ZoneCloud is enabled for each e-mail address which is created by Zone.ee or Planet.ee customers. You can log into ZoneCloud with your e-mail username and password.

There are two possibilities to change the email’s password: changing password via web hosting management or via webmail:

  • You can log into ZoneCloud with your e-mail username and password. In order to change the password via web-hosting management, choose My Zone on our homepage Zone.ee and login using your account information. On the service overview page, choose “Web hosting“, under shortcuts “E-mail” and “E-mail accounts currently in use“. Next to email account click “modify“, enter the new password twice and once again click “modify“.

ATTENTION! Password must contain at least 6 characters, including at least 1 number as well as lower and uppercase letters.

  • If you don’t have the access to web-hosting management, then the password can be changed via webmail (if password change via webmail is enabled). On the Zone.ee homepage, choose “My email” and login using your email account information. After loging in, choose “Settings” and “Change password“. Enter the password twice and save by clicking “Change password“.

Planet.ee password can be changed via Planet.ee management under “Settings“.

Will ZoneCloud display advertisements to users?

No. ZoneCloud is totally free of advertisements

Who is ZoneCloud intended for?

ZoneCloud is intended for entrepreneurs who want to use internet technologies to achieve their goals.

How to enter ZoneCloud Workspace?

You can find the web-based ZoneCloud workspace at https://zonecloud.ee.

For entering ZoneCloud workspace use your email-address and password created in Zone.ee or Planet.ee environment. If you have forgotten your password, then turn to your web hosting administrator for password change.

Does ZoneCloud support working in a group?

Yes, ZoneCloud supports group and joint work, but bear in mind that ZoneCloud creates a user group based on your web hosting. This means that all e-mail addresses created on the server will belong to the same group, named after the domain.

Files and catalogues in ZoneCloud can be shared with the users who belong to the same group. In order to share files and/or catalogues with user of the same group via ZoneCloud, this user must log into ZoneCloud at least once. If the user hasn’t yet logged into Zone Cloud, the files and/or catalogues can only be shared by sending link via email.

Can resources in from ZoneCloud be shared publicly?

Yes. In ZoneCloud you can share resources both privately and publicly. This last option is implemented by sharing resources via a URL. The URLs can be password protected and made to auto-expire.

How to practice file management and resource sharing on your workspace?

Just for that purpose we have placed some files/images in your account, that you can use to practice downloading, deleting, renaming and sharing files.

Does ZoneCloud compete with Google or other free sites?

In a way, but not directly. The fundamental difference between ZoneCloud and Google is the lack of advertising and commercial use of our users data. You are not considered merchandise that is to be sold to advertisers.

ZoneCloud operates under the same simple principle that all our services fall under, we create value and if you benefit from it, you will compensate us by paying for the service. There is no more straight-forward business model.

What are the principal advantages of ZoneCloud?

We are at arms length from you, our customer. We exist in the same language-, cultural- and legal space as you. You can call us, write to us or even visit us, if you need to. ZoneCloud is based on an open platform (ownCloud) which has an open-source version.

This enables you to change providers if we feel that we are not doing a good enough job, or even provide a similar experience for yourself. The principle is the same as for all other services based on open source components like Apache, MySQL or PHP. If the same toolset is provided by many providers, then you the customer have more choice.

Is there any other way to access ZoneCloud besides the web interface and official clients?

Yes. Since ZoneCloud supports WebDAV which is a standard approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (RFC 4918), you can create a ZoneCloud connection from a number of operating systems and applications. For example many Linux graphical user interfaces such as Gnome and KDE have native WebDAV support. Also you can use command line applications like “cadaver” or “dav2fs”. The latter allow for very clever use cases.

Does ZoneCloud synchronise files between devices?

Yes. If you have ZoneCloud installed on a number of devices, these can keep your data fresh everywhere you go, using ZoneCloud as their central data repository.

How much data can be stored on ZoneCloud for free?

One user can store free up to 5 GiB of data. ZoneCloud disk storage is calculated separately from web hosting storage. If 5 GiB of free space is not enough then in My Zone you can switch to Premium package which increases the ZoneCloud storages up to 100 GiB. Premium package fee is 2.5 euros + VAT per month and it will be added to web hosting invoice.

Does ZoneCloud store deleted files or previous versions of files?

Yes. Zonecloud stores deleted files and previous versions of the changed files as well. Deleted files are stored for up to 30 days.

Files can be restored or permanently deleted by clicking the following button to open Deleted files:

Previous versions are backups of files that ZoneCloud continuously makes. You can restore a previous version of a file by clicking on the “Versions” link next to it. Older version of the file can be restored by clicking next to file name Versions.

Does ZoneCloud encrypt the stored files?

Although ZoneCloud encrypts the file in transit between your device and the server, it does not store the file in encrypted form on the server.

Encryption of these files requires a well thought out encryption key management process and policy. We are not sure that people would be willing to lose their files when they lose their encryption key, but that is what total secrecy would entail.

How stable is the ZoneCloud service?

ZoneCloud is based on infrastructure which is provided by Zone.ee. This infrastructure is distributed between the largest data centres in Estonia and is connected to the Internet via multiple connections and managed with the knowledge and experience which has been accumulating for the past 15 years.

Can the ZoneCloud directory also be synchronised to Dropbox or OneDrive?

No. Possible conflicts could lead to loss of data.

What is ZoneCloud Premium package?

ZoneCloud Premium package increases the ZoneCloud storages up to 100 GiB. For package upgrade go to “My Zone“, choose “ZoneCloud” and press on a switch. Premium package fee is 3 euros for a month (VAT included) and it will be added to web hosting invoice.

How to share files or folders if user is not found?

Files and catalogues in can be shared with the users who have at least once logged into ZoneCloud. If the user hasn’t yet logged into Zone Cloud, the files and/or catalogues can only be shared by sending link via email.

Are there any file types that should not be hosted at ZoneCloud?

Users have experienced problems with files that change continuously.  If a file is frequently changed on the client device, there will be constant traffic between it and ZoneCloud.

This can happen if you synchronise a folder where you download huge files with ZoneCloud (i.e. torrents). Also if you have a number of .EML files lying around in folders that are synchronised on your Windows computer, Windows Search changes the timestamp on .EML files during each indexing operation, and this will cause these files to constantly synchronised with ZoneCloud.

Can the ZoneCloud directory be added from my local network?

No. Possible conflicts could lead to loss of data, because ZoneCloud desktop application may not have rights to make changes in your local network.

Updated on 16. Oct 2020

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