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FTP – Creating an account

In order to create an FTP account, first log in to the My Zone admin panel, then click Webhosting.From the menu on the left choose FTP then User accounts.

To add a new FTP account click on add a FTP user:

An appropriate username and a secure password are just enough to create an account.


The time it takes to crack a password depends directly on its complexity. Therefore, passwords in Zone should consists of at least 10 characters and must be set to avoid bad usage patterns such as username and number combinations, etc.

After successfully adding a new FTP account it will be possible to fine-tune its settings. For example, you will be able to restrict the user’s FTP connections by location, forbid insecure connections and set the user a home directory.

Once you’ve created an FTP account you will be able to log in to the FTP web application – WebFTP. By logging in to WebFTP through the My Zone admin panel you will not be asked for your account’s credentials.

Updated on 4. Oct 2023

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