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Log of e-mails sent from web server

E-mail sent from Shared Hosting web server passes through filter and headers are logged for security and deliverability tracking (see Sending e-mail trough web-server).

Owner of the server and users with delegatons can access last 7 days of the log in server management under Logs -> Webserver e-mail. Log can be used to answer questions like::

  • has the web application tried to send a particular email?
  • has the sending of email been blocked (exceeding limits or triggering spam filter)
  • could the server be sending unsolicited email (malware or unprotected web forms)

Log file can be downloaded as .json file with additional fields.

Explanation of main fields:

  • passed – did e-mail pass the filter? (N means blocking due to exceeding limits or triggering spam detection)
  • header_from – sender’s address (envelope_from is available in .json)
  • rcpt – actual recipient (includes bcc: addresses; header_to is available .json)
  • php script – script that sent the email (available only if PHP mail() was used – missing if a library used another method)
Updated on 2. Nov 2021

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